Gamemax Iceberg 120 CPU Water Cooler Review

/ 4 months ago

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A Closer Look


The included fan is very nice and comes with four matte black corner mounts with a frosted white ring around the fan blades. The corners are fitted with anti-vibration rubber mounts, and there’s even a black braided PWM cable. The quality is much higher than I would have expected given the price of the cooler. Of course, the white ring is going to allow the internal LED RGB lighting to really brighten up the fan, which we’ll see in action shortly.


When it comes to AIO radiators, there’s not much on the market that looks any different to anything else. The 120mm radiator here is pretty standard in terms of design. However, in terms of quality it looks and feels comparable to more expensive products on the market.

The fins are tightly packed, offering a large surface area for heat dissipation but maintaining good airflow. There are screw mounts on each side too, so you can use the fan on either side or even add a second fan if required.

The rubber tubing is quite thin and comes with a flexible gloss covering to keep it protected. The ends are protected with about an inch of shrink wrap rubber too, which keeps it looking neat and tidy. There is a filler cap, although this is not a user servicable part, so best to leave it alone.


The pump is very nice and compact, and features two silver rings on the top, with the Gamemax logo located in the center. The logo is RGB lit when powered on, and uses a 3-pin fan header to operate.

The thin hoses are very flexible, which is a big benefit for those with compact systems. However, you can also pivot them on the pump for a better fit.

The contact plate is of a good size, and the thick piece of copper will allow for good heat transfer. Now, let’s get it installed and take a look at what it can do!

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One Response to “Gamemax Iceberg 120 CPU Water Cooler Review”
  1. David M says:

    I might get a quiet 120mm AIO and I’m between this or the Arctic Liquid Freezer 120. Which’s the better perfomance/noise ratio?

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