GamesMaster Reboot Trailer Released!

Ever since the start of the year, there have been rather persistent rumours that a reboot of the iconic UK tv show ‘GamesMaster‘ was in the works. And against lot of expectations (my own included), it was confirmed last September that not only was this definitely the case but that it would make its debut this month!

However, if you do have some concerns about the show, or perhaps want a window into what we can expect, then we have some excellent news as following the release of a trailer, we get to see our first glimpse of the brand new ‘GamesMaster’.


While the trailer contains pretty much everything we expect to see from the show, it does give us our first (albeit brief) look at Sir Trevor McDonald in the titular role of the ‘GamesMaster’. A casting choice which, at least in my opinion, represents a perfect successor to the late great Sir Patrick Moore. They could’ve picked a lot of people, and although his name never crossed my mind, I can’t think of a better choice!

With Rob Florence confirmed as the show’s host, he has said:

“The focus of GamesMaster, I think, should always be on the challenges. I think there’s already this perception out there that this new show is going to be all about focusing on celebrities. That is not what this show is going to be, I’m not sure why that has come about; this is going to be about people who love games and love playing games. The celebrity element is not something that anybody should worry about, this is not going to be a thing where celebs come on and promote themselves. There’s going to be people who are into games and love games, just normal punters off the street coming on, playing a game of FIFA in front of me with me shouting some abuse at them and the GamesMaster’s big head hovering over the top of everything.”

When and Where Will It Air?

GamesMaster will initially make its debut on November 21st. This will be presented on the E4 YouTube channel with a television broadcast expected to be made either later this year or early next year. – This is likely pending just how popular the show does in terms of viewer numbers.

If you do want to learn more, you can visit the following websites below:

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of GamesMaster? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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