GameSpot’s Overwatch Graphics Comparison Was Run at Low Settings

Whenever a new multiplatform game is released, media websites unleash graphics comparisons showing the differences between each version. While there’s usually not a huge difference in visual quality between the console editions, the PC release tends to look significantly better. This isn’t a surprise due to the impressive graphics technology and upgradable hardware. Of course, some press outlets have focused on consoles since their formation and haven’t got an appreciation for the PC platform. In recent times, many of these have been forced to cover PC gaming because of its huge growth. Recently, GameSpot released a video outlining the differences between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. Unbelievably, they set the PC edition to ridiculously low settings which unfairly made the PS4 edition look superior. This is laughably inept and quite embarrassing.

The famous YouTuber, TotalBiscuit who specialises in PC content commented:

“Dear games journalism. Please keep being shit so we can take your audience. Thanks. YouTube.”

This hasn’t done GameSpot’s credibility any good and emphasised the notion that gaming journalists need to do a much better job to earn the public’s respect. I’ve seen numerous comments from people who now intend to view content elsewhere after this fiasco. At the time of writing, the video has amassed 295,385 views with 913 likes and 11,472 dislikes. I can see the dislike figure rapidly increasing and GameSpot only has themselves to blame for doing an extremely poor job. Heck, removing the video might be the best option because it’s misleading. If you want to check out this blunder, we’ve provided a link to the video below:

John Williamson

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