GameStop Italy Bundles Condoms & RedBull With inFamous As Pre-Order Bonus

/ 4 years ago


inFamous: Second Son’s is living up to its reputation as the Italian side of the GameStop family award the title a pre-order bonus that could gain some infamy of its own. Those pre-ordering the title will find that it comes bundled along side glow-in-the-dark condoms and Red Bull… and we have no idea why.

Sucker Punch’s upcoming action game is hotly tipped to be one of this year biggest sellers, the hype has been building for a long time for this one and I’m sure people will be pre-ordering into some pretty significant numbers, eager to get the game on day one. Just so happens they’ll also be walking out of the store with two cans of energy drink and a pack of glowing condoms too.

“A fill of energy for an explosion of pleasure! Enjoy your power!” reads the pre-order bundle packaging (see above).

It seems like a completely random bundle of stuff with this pre-order bonus, and as far as a promotion goes it seems a little strange, or at least it would seem strange if it wasn’t for the fact that their latest marketing stunt is working… you’re reading about it after all. I’m not sure it’ll actually boost pre-order figures though.

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