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GameStop Ordered to Shut Store after Breaking Lockdown

Around two weeks ago, it was revealed that Gamestop in America had issued its stores with a highly-questionable policy regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. In a leaked memo, managers were provided with instructions on how to attempt to bypass regional store shutdowns. Specifically, as the COVID-19 lockdown was starting to be introduced. This included, incidentally, means of ‘dealing’ with the police to attempt to prevent enforced store closures.

Why did they do this? Well, Gamestop was basically trying to find a means of deeming itself an ‘essential’ business. A move that would, by proxy, allow them to continue its high street retail business.

Gamestop and The Questionable COVID-19 Policy

In something that was almost certainly a response to the outrage over this policy, Gamestop confirmed late that month that it would be closing all of its stores in Canada. In regards to America, however, it would still look to maintain its retail business via kerbside pickup. This was (again) viewed as merely another cynical means of attempting to keep its doors (sort of) open.

Well, in a report via GamesIndustry, this policy has officially been put to the test. The good news is, Gamestop lost!

Store Gets Shutdown!

In the report, it has been found that one of their retail locations in Boston (America) was still offering customers the opportunity to collect products ‘from the door’. These were reportedly passed through the entrance with staff members either wearing gloves or wrapping their hands in plastic bags. A practice that was continued for several days after the Boston authorities issued a regional lockdown on all ‘non-essential’ retailers remaining open.

Following this discovery, however, the specific store was shut down last Wednesday and, following which, all Gamestop locations within Massachusetts are now all entirely 100% closed!

To be honest, though, you couldn’t make this stuff up. Yes, Gamestop likely is in some very deep and murky financial waters. A factor backed up by the fact that they recently announced 300 store closures. This policy, however, was reckless, stupid, and outright dangerous! While Gamestop hasn’t been fined for this attempted workaround, I sure as hell wish they had been!

What do you think? Is Gamestop putting lives at risk with this ridiculous policy? Do you think they should be fined for clearly attempting to bypass COVID-19 precautions? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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