Gaming All Format Charts Week ending 16 February 2013

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An interesting week in the all format charts, as you can see Aliens: Colonial Marines has shot to the number one spot despite the controversy surrounding the games overall quality. Many gamers and gaming media have been slamming the title this week that the game wasn’t up to scratch when compared to early demo footage, yet that hasn’t affected its sales figures much as it seems there is still some strength behind the Aliens brand name that just can’t be ignored.

Right behind Aliens we have the glory of Dead Space 3, which has been bumped down to second place, but is still going strong. Another game that never seems to slow down is Black Ops II which despite the Christmas rush now being long behind us is still selling by the bucket load, impressive for a game widely regarded as an average title, even by many fans of the series.

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Returning to form this week we have Assassin’s Creed III, back up from 12th place and showing that there is still love in the gaming community for the free-roaming assassins adventures. One thing that is immediately obvious though is that this year still hasn’t seen many big game releases as all the major hits of 2012 still dominate the charts, which is no bad thing of course as last year had some of this generations greatest gaming moments with Hitman, Halo 4, Skyrim and Dishonoured, in my opinion at least.

Are there any charting games that your still saving up for after last years over crowded Christmas release schedule? lets us know in the comments section below.

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