Gaming Cult-Classic XIII To Get Remake

XIII Remake

There are few games that generally tend to massively stand-out from the pack in terms of artistic presentation. With so much emphasis on ‘photo-realism’, you could take scene from The Last of Us, Tomb Raider or Just Cause and easily argue that it came from any of those releases. Well, presuming you don’t crop Lara Croft into it.

When XIII released back in 2003, however, it certainly represented something rather interesting and different. Taking more than a little inspiration from a ‘comic-book’ style approach, the first-person shooter has become a huge cult-classic amongst gamers.

It will, therefore, be of huge interest for them and others that following the release of a video, a remake of the game is on the way!

What Can We Expect?

In a report via DSOGaming, Giuseppe Crugliano, CEO & Creative Director at PlayMagic has said:

“The PlayMagic team is very excited for the opportunity to remake a true classic; modernizing the graphics, sound and animations while remaining faithful to the original XIII’s incredible look and feel. XIII’s gameplay mechanics are being reworked in an effort to modernize the experience in a way that encompasses the original spirit of the game. We are sure that the fans of the original game will love rediscovering one of their all time favorites while new players discover a truly iconic masterpiece in a new light.”

If you don’t, incidentally, remember much about the original game, you can check out the trailer for it below.

When Is It Out?

Well, here comes even more exciting news. In announcing the game, it has been confirmed that it is set to release on November 13th this year! Yes, we are less than 7 months away from the remake hitting the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

This announcement has certainly come as something of a surprise. For anyone familiar with this game, however, it’s undoubtedly a welcome one!

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Mike Sanders

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