Garbage Day Pitches Groundhog Day as a Grand Theft Auto Game

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The repeating day time loop is an enduring trope in TV and film, transcending genre, from the sci-fi stylings of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Cause and Effect, featuring Captain Frasier Crane, to Tom Cruise action fare Edge of Tomorrow, through to being the bizarrely effective hook in Bill Murray romantic comedy Groundhog Day. Now, the makers of open-world sandbox game Garbage Day are bringing the same concept to video games, but with a Grand Theft Auto-style violent anarchism.

Garbage Day, currently seeking support on Steam Greenlight, gives the player a single day to explore the world, interact with its inhabitants, and, if you fancy, mercilessly slaughter all who cross your path safe in the knowledge that, when the day is over, the day will reset and the carnage you wrought will be erased. Your day can be as tame or extreme as you want it to be. Whether you choose to watch TV, go to work, bludgeon your neighbours, or throw yourself off a twenty-storey building, the same day will start anew every time.

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The game even has a story and a goal: the time loop was caused by an explosion at the local nuclear plant, and you are tasked with discovering how to break the time anomaly by discovering the secret behind it. Though the world is reset after every day, your character’s knowledge remains intact, so information learned is carried to the new day, unlocking new dialogue options. Oh, and mayhem!

More details about Garbage Day can be found on the game’s Steam Greenlight page.

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