GeIL Evo Corsa DDR3 2133MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

/ 6 years ago

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There are a lot of manufacturers of memory modules in the market today, and the majority of them are very similar in terms of speed, performance and of course style. Looking at it, there is only so much you can do with a set of memory modules and that mainly comes down to the colouring and size and shape of the heatspreaders by trying to make them as unique as possible, and hope that the rest takes care of itself.

Obviously some modules can offer faster speeds and better performance but this all comes with a premium price tag and with very little real-world noticeable differences, memory kits have to be made unique in their own way to appeal to the mass consumer market.

GeIL are a brand who haven’t been around for quite some time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t been busy. Back in the day, they were famous for some of the hottest memory kits on the market for a reasonable price point, but sadly, at least in the UK, they seemed to fade into the night, but it now seems they are back and wanting to grab the market with maximum force.

The Evo Corsa stems from the other Evo range of memory modules from GeIL and relies on its key success and branding. It does so by offering up the fastest speeds possible with some key technologies that other brands don’t think are necessary including DBT. With a market that is flooded with competition, the fact of a lifetime warranty doesn’t really cut it any more, so GeIL believe that features like DBT and using the very best components to make the core product will pay off in the end.

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2 Responses to “GeIL Evo Corsa DDR3 2133MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review”
  1. Great review, although Corsa is Italian for Race, so I would guess that any relation to the Opel Corsa is coincidental.

    As for the colour, I think it looks a thud yellow under certain light conditions, which I'm not really fan of, I'd preferred if it looked more green. Other than that, it's great IMHO.

  2. Grim_reaper_86 says:

    Nice. Seems GEIL still in good shape. Yes, color could be better, but still, since it is in case and doing it's gob well, I don't care.

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