GeIL Evo X RoG 16GB 3000MHz DDR4 Memory Review

GeIL Evo X RoG

If you’re building a gaming system equipped with the latest hardware, then you’re no doubt on the market for some high-performance DDR4 memory. Unfortunately, in today’s market, the prices of DDR4 are far from reasonable, but that shouldn’t diminish your need for the hardware, nor should it affect the performance of the hardware. The latest memory kit from GeIL is one of the more expensive, but it comes equipped with some glorious features that are sure to appeal to the enthusiast gaming market.

RoG Certified

Since this memory kit is RoG certified, it’s obviously going to appeal to ASUS gaming motherboard users most of all. That being said, it’s still going to work in a lot of other motherboards too. Of course, if you’re rocking one of the supported ASUS RoG motherboards listed below, you can guarantee optimal performance with minimal configuration right out of the box. I would expect the Z370 motherboard range to offer similar support since it’s basically the same chipset as Z270.

Supported RoG Motherboards

What Geil Had to Say

“As world’s first fully RGB illuminated DDR4 memory module with ASUS ROG certification, GeIL EVO X ROG-certified RGB Gaming Memory combines a significant performance boost with RGB lighting effects for an excellent overclocking and gaming experience. When paired with certain ASUS ROG motherboards, GeIL EVO X ROG-certified RGB Gaming Memory not only brings an automatic performance boost, but also supports ASUS AURA lighting control app and provides seamlessly synchronized RGB LED illumination when leveraging standard 4-pin RGB LED headers on the motherboard.” – GeIL


With 3000 MHz modules, running at 15-17-17-35, 1.35v, the kit is hardly reinventing the wheel, but should still deliver very competitive performance overall. Now, let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.



In the box, you’ll find each module comes packaged separately and comes with the usual documentation. Always remember to check the rated speeds in the booklet and your BIOS prior to installation to ensure optimal performance.

A Closer Look

Each module comes with an RGB hookup cable, as they’re not able to illuminate fully using the DDR4 slot power. The extra power will allow the lights to deliver more colour, without interfering with the modules performance.

One cable hooks up to a motherboard fan headers, so long as it can deliver 9v/12v, which all should these days. Then the other cable bridges the modules together.

Since these are RoG Certified, you’ll find that lovely RoG logo in the bottom right corner of each module. What’s also cool is that they have that digital decal etched into them. This doesn’t look like much, but it matches up with the design and colour scheme of many of the ASUS RoG motherboards that are currently on the market, so it’s sure to look epic.

On the back, no decal, but you still get that cool raised metal design. It’s an aesthetic choice, but that thicker metal will still provide more surface area and raw material to allow improved cooling too.

If you’re not interested in cluttering your system with RGB lighting software, you’ll be happy to know it’s all built-in. Simply use the black slider on the top. It has four modes/positions; RGB colour cycle, colour selected from RGBW, colour selected from 256, and 256 cycle. If you lock the colour, it’ll remain even after you reboot the system.

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