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GeIL Orion RGB 16GB 4400MHz DDR4 Memory Review

A Closer Look

GeIL has a great history of creating stunning looking memory kits and clearly, that’s still true today. While this is an RGB kit, I think I would like to see this kit as a straight up monochrome design with no lighting. It looks fantastic just as it sits right now.

The heatsink is nice and thick, and while the memory is a standard height, you can feel there’s a good amount of heatsink material here, which should help maintain the memory’s higher clockspeeds.

There’s some ventilation cut in here, albeit I think it’s purely aesthetic than practical; either way, I like it.

As you can see, the aluminium heat sink swells out in the middle, giving it a ridge down the length of the memory. This breaks up the light and shadow, but again, it also adds more mass to the heatsink too.

The Orion logo is raised above the heatsink, and RGB lit, but the G and the word Orion have a shiny chrome finish.

As you look from different angles, you can see it reflecting the colours of my office.

The lightbars are thick, and they should throw out lots of light given their impressive surface area.

There’s a nice texture on the top as well as that design on the sides.

On the other side of the memory, you’ll find the usual specifications sticker, nothing exciting about that.

There’s a small Ryzen sticker in the middle, which looks decent, but it’s removable and I would likely do just that.

there’s also another RGB-lit “G” on this side, but it doesn’t say Orion under this one.

Overall, this is one stunning looking memory kit, and I haven’t even turned the RGB on yet! I almost don’t want to, it looks good enough already.

The RGB colours are incredibly rich and vibrant. They’re bright, but not so much that they dazzle you, and overall the colours seem to be more warm and neon than anything else.

The extra lighting on the sides and the G symbol looks awesome too, and it’s easily some of the nicest looking RGB I’ve seen in a while.

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Peter Donnell

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