Gelid Slim 12 UV and PL Blue 120mm Fan Review

/ 5 years ago

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When it comes to 120mm fans, we’ve all become used to the norm – which is that fans compete on noise level, cooling performance and aesthetics. However, today we have something quite innovative from Gelid. We have the Slim 12 UV Blue and Slim 12 PL Blue fans. Both are reduced width fans measuring in at 15.8mm instead of 25mm allowing for greater compatibility. The big question that most of you will want to know is does a thinner fan mean less performance? This is something will will now go on and answer for you in this review.

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You can find the full specifications and details of each fan using the below links and images:



Gelid’s Slim 12 UV Blue and Slim 12 PL Blue fans both come identically packaged except with different names and details on the boxes as well as different specifications on the back, of which you can see the Gelid Slim 12 UV Blue packaging below.


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