Gelid To Release the Tranquillo Rev 2 CPU Cooler

/ 7 years ago

Today Gelid Solutions have announced that they will be releasing an updated version of the very popular CPU Cooler, the Gelid Tranquillo.

The Tranquillo Rev. 2 boasts new features and design such as better orientation for the 4 copper heatpipes as to not interfere with any motherboard components but still offer optimal performance.

Another major improvement is the addition of a substantially larger heatsink situated on the CPU cooler’s base.

Finally, A new piece of AMD mounting hardware allows the cooler to be orientated in multiple directions on AMD motherboards including the popular ‘front-to-back’ orientation.

The heatsink measures in at 125 (W) x 153 (H) x 74 (L) and supports LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366 as well as AM2, AM2+ and AM3 hardware.

The cooler comes bundled with all of the mounting accessories, a 120mm fan that is capable of up to 1500RPM, a tube of Gelid’s GC-2 thermal paste as well as a Gelid case sticker. The Tranquillo Rev. 2 is backed by an awesome 5-year warranty and should retail at around £30.

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