German & French Ministers Call Out Facebooks Bluff to Withdraw From Europe!

Earlier this week, Facebook made what can only be called one of the most ridiculous (non) ‘threats’ the tech world has possibly ever seen! – For those of you unaware, due to recent ruling within the European courts, it had been determined (in a very brief description) that Facebook could no longer monitor the activities of citizens in that region/continent for the expressed purpose of targeted advertising. You know, that whole business of you (hypothetically) searching for a new car and then seeing motor adverts on every website you visit.

With this in mind, therefore, Facebook effectively threatened that it would withdraw its social media platform from the region entirely unless this move was rescinded. – Well, following comments from both a French and German minister, they have both happily welcomed this ultimatum by seemingly swinging the doors wide open for Facebook with a ‘so long and thanks for nothing’ kick in the backside on standby!

Ministers Happily Accept Facebooks Threat to Withdraw From Europe

Following a report via Bloomberg, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck alongside French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire have both made public comments stating that Facebook making such a threat is no kind of deterrent to them whatsoever. – In fact, and in a hugely embarrassing moment for the social media platform, both ministers are openly welcoming Facebook to make this threat a reality. Not, of course, that they ever would. But this does, of course, only clarify just how stupid a threat it was in the first place!

“I can confirm that life is very good without Facebook and that we would live very well without Facebook. Digital giants must understand that the European continent will resist and affirm its sovereignty.” – Bruno Le Maire

“After being hacked I’ve lived without Facebook and Twitter for four years and life has been fantastic.” – Robert Habeck

Well… That’s Embarrassing

When politicians, people noted for always attempting to give an answer without actually saying anything, are openly endorsing Facebook’s threat to leave their region, you know that this is a move that has backfired hugely for the social media platform. As we noted in our prior article, their threat to withdraw their presence from Europe was 100% hot air with absolutely zero intention to follow through. – The fact that they’re openly getting called out by public figures about this, however, is nothing short of hilarious!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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