Germany to Get a Legal Uber Taxi Service Soon

/ 3 years ago


Earlier this month a German court banned Uber from operating while using unlicensed cab drivers and set stiff fines for any violations of local transportation laws to reinforce the decision. The company’s German chief told the magazine Wirtschafts Woche (WiWo) that it is planning a new service that will fall in line with the law.

Uber will launch the new service by this summer, and under it, Uber drivers will hold commercial passenger transport licenses. The cost of the licenses will be paid for by Uber which will be between 100-200 euros, as stated by Uber’s Faben Nestman. Faben also said “We will also pay the 150 to 200 euros it would cost our partners to have the Chamber of Commerce license them as taxi companies.”

There is no word on if the new service will have a different name, though as of now it looks like it will UberX so as to fall in line with the company’s naming scheme.

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Source: Reuters

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