Its About To Get Flappy-Tastic In The World Of Digital Currencies!

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Personally I’m amazed we got as many days as we did before this was announced, but alas it is here, Flappy Bird is going crypto. A group of London-based IT pros are preparing to launch yet another cryptocurrency into the world with the release of Flappy Coin and mining of the coins is scheduled to begin over the next few days.

According to the founders, writing on, “The aim of the Flappy Coin is to make a fresh difference in the current market. We want to create a stable, reliable coin that can be trusted. We want to promote what we call ‘Flappy Bird’ ethos — the concept that even a single person can make a massive impact to the world.”

And while one Flappy Bird based currency is enough from some, it’s apparently not enough for others and there have been a few fake Flappy Coins cropping up prior to the actual release, so be warned that the current sites are scams and is said to be not associated with it and the coin creators say they’ll soon claim back the domain.

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There is an alarming trend of memes quickly becoming a type of coin. I wonder how long this trend will continue, but then again I also wonder just how long many of these new coins will remain relevant, let alone how fast new types are being created.

Thank you Wired for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Wired.

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