Get GAT V Absolutely Free, Today Only

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“Hey, you made a stupid typo in your article, it’s meant to say GTA V you idiot!” Actually, I got it right and I am sorry to say that while this is the Grand Theft Auto V release day, this isn’t a deal to get GTA V for free, it is however a dig in the ribs, a light joke and a good one from the developers at Deep Silver, makers of Saints Row IV.

Saints Row IV is the complete opposite of GTA V in many respects, but they’re still compared with each other as they both offer crime based open world gaming. Deep Silver decided they will take advantage of the Grand Theft Auto thunder today and give away some free content for their game.

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Now you can grab a free download on Steam for Johnny Gat! Enjoy some free content and if you’ve not got a copy of GTA V to hand it’s nice to have something to keep you distracted.

Head on over to Steam to pick up your free DLC.

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    lol i thought it gta V, what a troll

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