Get An Invite into Google’s Inbox App – Be Quick

/ 3 years ago


So you’ve probably heard about Google’s new Inbox application, it’s a new cross-platform app that works for Gmail. Inbox automatically highlights important emails, allows you to sift through them with a clean and intuitive interface and tries to remove all of the clutter that surrounds most inbox’s. The application thus far has been invite only, however for today between the hours of 3PM and 4PM PT if you email Google at – Google promises that you’ll receive an invite by 5PM PT.


We’re hoping Google’s servers are able to hold onto the influx of emails that will be coming their way, as obviously with any major order back-end servers take an incredible hit. We have confidence that Google will be able to hold down the fort so to speak. Inbox allows for easy and streamlined managing of your Gmail, and automatically looks for important messages and sends them to the top of your inbox – things like flight details, bills, or shipping and tracking information for packages. Whilst the news today is fantastic for those looking on-board, some people are as always unfortunately going to miss out – and there’s still no specific word on when we can expect to see the invite only limitations lifted off of Google’s Inbox application.

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