Get Mobile With the MSI VR Backpack at Computex 2016

/ 1 year ago

Get Mobile With the MSI VR Backpack at Computex 2016

VR gaming is big business this year, and while many are happy to be sitting at their desk or plodding around their living room with a VR headset on, some of us urge to get out into a bigger environment and really push the limits of VR gaming. The new VR backpack from MSI is basically a strap-on PC, weighing no more than about 5KG and offering around 90-minutes battery life while gaming. Imagine strapping this on, going to a huge open field and walking around Skyrim, taking a stroll around the hairpins of your favourite racing track, or who knows what else. With this, you can, and that is awesome!

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The design is pretty cool, it’s not too bulky and looks like a piece of Iron Man armour. With room to route all the cables behind you, you’re not going to be tripping up while running cables to your desktop.




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