Get Ready for a Free Weekend of Tom Clancy’s The Division!

/ 9 months ago

Get Ready for a Free Weekend of Tom Clancy's The Division!

It’s true that Tom Clancy’s the Division has received mostly positive reviews shortly after its release, but as with most MMO’s out there, the game lost quite a big chunk of its player base in the following months, which is why Ubisoft is actively trying to boost the game’s popularity once more. The company has recently announced via a press release that The Division will receive a free weekend in May, namely from May 4th to May 7th. It’s worth noting that gamers using all three major platforms will be able to log in and play, and we’re talking about PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, of course.

As for the current free trial offer, which includes six hours of playtime or until the player reaches level 8, it will be put on pause for the time being, but it will become available once more after this free weekend. The weekend in question will also include discounts on all digital stores, all progress made will be carried over to those of you who will choose to buy the full game. Hate it or love it, Tom Clancy’s The Division is definitely unique in its own way, and with regular content updates and free weekends thrown in from time to time, it’s likely that this title will remain relevant for many years to come.

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