Get Ready for Next-Gen Water Balloon Fights!

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Firstly, this isn’t a video game I’m talking about, it’s real life. When was the last time you had a water balloon fight? For me personally it was years and years ago but I still remember the fun times I had soaking other people in a fury of different coloured water bombs *sigh*, good times indeed. Anyway if you have children or just behave like a big kid then this is the product you need!


This is Tinnuss Enterprises’ Bunch O Balloons and it looks to revolutionize water balloon fights, revolutionize you say!? Yes, this beast can fill up to 100 balloons a minute and even fill 37 balloon simultaneously. The real time waster in any water balloon fight, as we all know, is having to tie each balloon up which can take forever, not with Bunch O Ballons, it even ties all 37 balloons at the same time with just a shake of your hand! . Bunch O Balloons has been a Kickstarter project with an initial goal of just $10,000 but after the internet caught a glimpse of the future of balloon warfare their target was smashed completely and the project has now raised over $690,000. Just incredible, it may be one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever.

Bunch O Balloons is set to launch September 2015, if you want to get your hands on some, you need to back the project.

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