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/ 3 years ago

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Everyone loves free stuff and Origin is giving away Theme Hospital on the house. The simulator puts you in charge of designing and running this virtual hospital with the goal to turn cures into cash.

The Origin on the house offers only last for a short while, so better grab it while it’s free.

theme hospital

Theme Hospital isn’t the newest of games, it’s actually quite old and as such comes with some limitations such as 640×480 resolution, not the best audio track, limited levels, and miscellaneous bugs and glitches.

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Fans to the rescue. You can find the CorsixTH project on GitHub that is set out to bring this game into the current time and fix the original issues. While the project is free and available to download, you’ll need an original game with the original graphics. So great timing now that Origin is handing out the game for free right now.

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