Get Your Own Storyline at Disneys Star Wars Hotel

/ 7 months ago

Get Your Own Storyline at Disneys Star Wars Hotel

The next Star Wars cast Member?

Ever wanted to star in your own Star Wars movie? Or stay in a Star Wars themed Hotel? Well, Disney has done just that and made your dream a reality. Of course, it’s going to be costly. However, the opportunity to recreate a dream makes it well worth the price.

Where is it?

Based in Florida’s Walt Disney World, The Star Wars themed hotel will immerse you into a different world. No talk of Disneyland Paris as of yet. However, we certainly wouldn’t dismiss such an idea.

What is a Star Wars hotel?

A Star Wars Hotel is exactly what it say’s on the tin. It is a Hotel, that is built to replicate a Star Wars space ship. The windows will only show space. Of course, there is more to just creating a themed building. The employees or Cast Members will all be in costume and character too. Once you enter the ‘Spaceship’ you will be given a role and a storyline. The idea is to fulfil every minute of your day, giving you lot’s of activity and a fully immersive holiday experience.

Will it Catch on?

Of course, it will, Star Wars is a huge franchise and is enjoyed by Billions of people worldwide. The opportunity to live it all out, all whilst on vacation is simply too tempting to the hardcore fans. It’s highly likely that there will be a large queue forming and the waiting list will be extensive. However, the themed Hotel by Walt Disney may just be their biggest idea to date. The news came at Disney’s D23 expo down in Los Angeles. Is this the experience you have been waiting for? Will you be joining the waiting list to become a cast member in your very own Star Wars feature?

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