The Ghostbusters 3 Trailer is Out and You Can Watch it Here!

Earlier this year, we got the amazing (and if I’m honest, very surprising) news that a new Ghostbusters film was on the way. Rather than being the shameless (and god awful) name-make that was the 2016 abomination, however, this new film was in the capable hands of a Reitman and looked to give the original cast (with the exception of the sadly passed Harold Ramis) the send-off we all hoped for.

Well, buckle yourself in, because the first official trailer for Ghostbusters 3 (Afterlife) has just been released. Dim the lights, sit back and enjoy this one! Lord knows we’ve been waiting long enough for it!

Ghostbusters Afterlife

So, from the trailer, it would appear that our window into the original films comes via the granddaughter of Egon Spengler. A character who, as some of you may know, was played by the aforementioned Harold Ramis. How the other original cast members will eventually tie into this, however, is still something of a mystery. I can’t wait to find out though!

I must admit, there is a definite ‘Stranger Things’ vibe about the trailer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either. If the Ghostbusters franchise is going to kick-off again, it was pretty clear that younger blood was needed. More specifically, however, this is definitely shaping up to the be the ‘passing of the torch’ film we all hoped for. Well, if we want to see more of Ghostbusters in the future anyway.

What Do We Think?

While I’m not (and never will be until I see it) 100% sold that this is going to be a classic, it’s certainly looking a lot better than I expected. While this first trailer for Ghostbusters Afterlife isn’t quite gold, when looking at the first trailer from Ghostbusters 2016, it’s like comparing Howard the Duck to the Godfather.

I sincerely hope that this is, if not a shot in the arm, then at least a fond farewell to the original cast. And, on that subject, I must confess that I did hope to see them at some point in this trailer. Albeit, I’ll happily take Bill Murray’s voiceover with gleeful fandom.

Ghostbusters Afterlife is set for release in Summer 2020.

What do you think? Do you like the trailer? Do you think Ghostbusters Afterlife will be a success? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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