Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 500 Lineup Revealed

/ 11 months ago


Over past couple of months, Gigabyte’s new AORUS lineup has slowly but surely become their dominant brand, ditching G1 Gaming. With the RX 500 series from AMD, Gigabyte continues the trend with a largely AORUS focused lineup. While Gigabyte has confirmed that RX 500 will feature AORUS based cards, we now have a leak that details some of those new graphics cards. As expected, we have the RX 580, RX 570 and RX 550.

First up are the 3 RX 580 models, with the XTG 8GB model at the top end. This model features some new RGB lighting on the custom dual-fan WindForce cooler. It is the fastest RX 580 as well. Sitting just below it, we have the regular AORUS RX 580 in both 4GB and 8GB. This card uses a different dual-fan WindForce cooler with a much plainer look. Based on what we can see of the cooler, the coolers themselves feature different fin orientation and are likely substantially different. Last of all, we have regular RX 580 which uses a modified version of the old WindForce cooler from the G1 Gaming.

For the RX 570, we essentially have the same coolers as the RX 580 models except that there is no XTG model. Finally, we have the RX 550 which is based off of the new Polaris 12 GPU. Being a low-end card that sits below the RX 460, it has much more diminutive coolers. Lacking the AORUS branding, it either comes OC with a dual fan cooler or stock with just a single fan. There is no word yet on the specifications.

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