Gigabyte Announces P104-100 4G Mining Graphics Card

/ 4 weeks ago

Gigabyte Announces P104-100 4G Mining Graphics Card

Gigabyte is introducing their latest video card specifically for use in cryptocurrency mining. The Gigabyte P104-100 4G lacks the usual display outputs associated with a normal graphics card. However, the P104-100 is built specifically for another job entirely. Each card comes equipped with 4GB 10010MHz GDDR5X memory on a 256-bit interface. The P104-100 GPU has 1920 NVIDIA CUDA cores and operates at 1607MHz base clock. NVIDIA launched the P104-100 GPU for miners back in June 2017. It is based on the GP104-100-A1 GPU, built on the 16nm process.

Gigabyte Windforce 3X Cooling System

What sets apart Gigabyte’s mining video card with other P104-100 video cards is its Windforce 3X cooling system. This is the same cooling design they use for their gaming video card line. Underneath three 90mm fans with a unique 3D blade design is a triple copper heatsink. The heatpipes use a direct contact design for optimal efficient thermal transfers. Having three fans also helps lower the noise, while providing adequate cooling superior to blower-style designs.

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The P104-100 comes with a base clock of 1607MHz and boosts up to 1733 MHz. It requires a single 8-pin PSU power connector and is a dual-slot height video card. However, Gigabyte only put a single row rear IO cover with perforations for ventilation.  Each P104-100 crypto-mining accelerator comes with a 3-year warranty.

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  1. Gordon Wright says:

    Missing the most important figures. Hashrate, Power & Cost? 🙂

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