Gigabyte Aorus P850W Modular Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts


The Gigabyte Auros P850w power supply retails for a price in the region of £129.99. That is rather a lot of money for a power supply. When you see so many advertised for half the price, you might wonder why you should choose this one? Well, I daresay that many of those are not gold-rated in term of efficiency nor do they carry a massive 10-year guarantee.

In addition to that, when you consider just how good this is, both internally and externally, you can trust us when we say that this is an excellent power supply for that money.


We’ve said it on many occasions, but it can be really difficult to make a great power supply both in terms of performance and aesthetics. Gigabyte has, however, managed to tick both boxes really firmly with the Aurus P850w. The design is made up of a lot of little factors, but they are factors that all create a fantastic looking power supply.

In addition, the internal design is clearly one that has been done to an exceptionally high standard.

Efficiency and Beyond

Sadly, we have none of our standard test results which we can refer to in this regard. Is this really gold certified? In our experience of Auros branded products, almost certainly. What we can, however, say is that under the modified testing we conducted, the power supply provided no difficulties what so ever. It managed to handle everything we threw at it and even then, the fan only deemed necessary to operate on a handful of occasions.

In ‘real world’ factors, this definitely has a lot of performance to offer.

Should I Buy One?

Anything North of £100 for a power supply is always going to attract a lot of questions. We have, however, on many occasions said that a good power supply is not a purchase, it’s an investment. In this regard, when you consider the huge 10-year guarantee that is provided with the Gigabyte Auros P850w, you really have to look at this for the long term.

Not only that though, the excellent manner in which it has been designed, both internally and externally, should give you more than enough confidence that you’re getting a quality product here.

The Gigabyte Auros brand does not have a reputation simply because it’s a flashy name. With the Gigabyte Aurus P850w it is again proven that the reputation is based entirely on producing fantastic products and this power supply is certainly no exception.

Gigabyte Auros P850W power supply review!

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Mike Sanders

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