Gigabyte debuts Z77X-UP7 flagship motherboard

/ 5 years ago

It’s a motherboard that has been on the sidelines since Computex 2012Gigabyte then showed it off some more at the end of July to demonstrate the 2000W the PowIRstage chips could deliver and then we saw it again just a few days ago as HiCookie broke an Ivy Bridge i7 3770K frequency record using this motherboard.

Now, after all the hype and teasing from Gigabyte the Z77X-UP7 is finally launched. The Motherboard delivers 32+2+3 power phases for CPU, Integrated graphics and VTT. The ridiculously high level of power delivery is made possible by the PowIRstage chips that are capable of 60 amps each.

Although the vast majority of users will never be able to pump 2000W through the motherboard for even heavily overclocked use, it is nice for enthusiasts to know the motherboard will always be rock solid stable when in a heavily overclocked configuration. All that power the motherboard can handle is controlled digitally too.

The Z77X-UP7 supports 4 way SLI and CrossFireX in an 8x/8x/8x/8x configuration at PCI Express Gen 3 speeds. The special black PCI Express lane is wired directly to the CPU, thus reducing latency and making it ideal for breaking single video card world records.

Gigabyte have integrated their UEFI BIOS with 3D Graphics and 32 bit colour. A dual BIOS is included with a button to switch between the two.Finally for overclockers there are multiplier and bus speed changing buttons which allow you to adjust CPU speed in Windows, DOS or the BIOS. The special LN2 mode button keeps the CPU multiplier down at 16X until you’re ready to grab a CPU-Z validation then it will ramp up to the expected frequency.

The motherboard sports the trademark black and orange like we saw on the Gigabyte X58-OC.

Pricing and availability will be disclosed soon.


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