GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 6GB Graphics Card Review

/ 2 months ago

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A Closer Look

This card is absolutely massive, no I’m obviously joking, it’s freaking tiny! To fit this card into such a small form factor is nothing short of impressive, and it clocks in no longer than a mini-ITX motherboard, making it very appealing for those building a SFF system.


The cooler is quite chunky, and that means the card is a little wider to accommodate its larger fan and airflow around the heat sink.


There’s some passive ventilation around the card, but for the most part it pulls air in the top and exhausts out the back, with the matte finish plastic shroud helping direct the air pressure throughout. The card only requires a single 6-pin power connector, so it’s certainly comptaible with just about every PSU on the market today.

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Despite the small size, connectivity is still very good, with an HDMI, DisplayPort, and dual DVI connectors around the back, so it’s compatible with just about every display, and even offers multi-display support.


Overall, the design of the card is very nice and while it may be very tiny, it’s still going to look great in your system build.


There is no backplate on this model, which is a shame, if only for aesthetic reasons; a card this small is hardly going to droop!


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  • mascotzel

    I wouldn’t say that 2 DVI connections and just 1 DP are decent in the year 2017.
    Especially as it’s not a low end card.
    You can get everything a DVI offers from a DP port if needed ( with an adapter), you can’t get everything a DP offers form a DVI port.

    • Václav Lukeš

      And who needs all this? As players just have what it is