Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black Bundled With WindForce 3x 600W Cooler

/ 3 years ago

Gigabyte-GTX-TITAN-BLACK-GHZ-1 (1)
Nvidia still won’t let its partners rip the GeForce GTX Titan Black apart and make something of their own, but that hasn’t stopped Gigabyte from making a few modifications anyway, the only difference is that you’ll have to fit them yourself. So long as you feel confident taking brand new Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black to bits you can install yourself a sweet new cooler.

The WindForce 3x cooler is rather legendary in terms of performance, it has proven a very capable and efficient design before and we don’t doubt for a second that it’ll work wonders on the Titan Black. The new WindForce cooler has been tweaked up to 600w since the previous model which was capable of shifting 450w of heat, and its three large fans and triple heat sink design are evidence of this.

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With clock speeds of 1006/1111 MHz, a memory clock of 1850 MHz and 6GB of GDDR5 memory inside the Titan Black, there is certainly a high performance silicone to keep chilled and I can’t wait to see some comparative benchmarks on what this cooler can do.

The new Gigabyte GTX Titan Black and the bundled WindForce 3X 600w is available from most popular online retailers for around £750 / 900 EUR.

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One Response to “Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black Bundled With WindForce 3x 600W Cooler”
  1. Wayne says:

    It’s an excellent cooler if you use it in conjunction with good quality TIM. I had one on my GTX 780Ti and the temps struggled to get past 60 under full load, it was barely audible as well to boot.

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