Gigabyte give Ivy Bridge and PCI-Express 3.0 support to all 6 series motherboards

/ 6 years ago

Today Gigabyte have come out with a bang listing two new fantastic features that have been implemented into their entire 6 series range of motherboards. This will all be included via a very simple BIOS update and will include full support for next generation Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs as well as offering native support for PCI-Express 3.0 technology to give the best possible bandwidth for future graphics cards using the technology.

All 6 series boards including the recently announced G1 Sniper 2 will include support for these two new features and only requires a small, simple BIOS update.

For those who aren’t aware, Gigabyte has one of the easiest BIOS update methods around and shouldn’t be feared if wanting this new technology.

More information on flashing your BIOS can be found here whilst a full list of BIOS versions for each board can be found here


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  1. gaetan says:

    included in Sniper 2 WOOT!! 😀

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