Gigabyte GTX 680 pictured

/ 6 years ago

Over at the forums, one lucky member has been showing off pictures of his new GTX 680. The card is a Gigabyte variant with model name and number: GV-N680D5-2GD-B. As expected for a very early release this card sticks to Nvidia’s reference design bar a few minor cosmetic changes. It features a rather futuristic and sci-fi looking design sticker which extends across the entire plastic shroud onto the blower style fan. The card is clearly marked GTX 680 in the bottom right with the Gigabyte branding in the top left.

 The GTX 680 by Gigabyte features the new GEFORCE GTX branding on the top as well as two 6 pin power connectors for its maximum power draw of 195W.

The box confirms the general specifications we have already heard so much (PCI-E Gen 3, Direct X 11 and 2GB of GDDR5) but also the fact the GTX 680 from Gigabyte will have a 3 year warranty.



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  1. PcChip says:

    It's not his, it's his store's.

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