Gigabyte introduce AIRE M1 mouse

/ 6 years ago

Gigabyte has introduced a new mouse. The AIRE M1 mouse features a retractable cord which means the mouse is easy to carry around as there are no excess cables. The mouse is wired but because of the retractable design users can carry it around like a wireless mouse, Gigabyte is targeting this mouse at users of netbooks and laptops who need the convenience of a low cost mouse that is portable but at the same time requires no battery. In essence this mouse is a hybrid of both Wired and Wireless mouses in terms of its portability and function.

No specifications are known just yet but we have seen the product start retailing in Germany on the site Alternate.De for €10.49 including V.A.T so you can certainly see the value-orientated nature of this product. The mouse is available in blue or black and from the provided images appears to be a standard 2 button mouse with a scroll-wheel acting as a third button.

Source: PR

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