GIGABYTE Introduces 4K Friendly AIRE M60 Wireless Mouse

/ 2 years ago


GIGABYTE makes a lot of different products and among them are also peripherals. Their newest offering in that line-up is the GIGABYTE AIRE M60 Wireless mouse with a 3200 DPI resolution for great work under a 4K resolution.

The wireless function runs on the 2.4GHz band which is something to consider if you are using the same band for wireless signals as it can have effects on each other. The nano receiver is easily placed in any system without the risk of breaking it when plugged into the side of a laptop for example.


Gamers have been used to quality sensors in their mice for a while, but office users didn’t really have the same benefit. The introduction of 4K UHD monitors has however made that a necessity and the AIRE M60 comes with a laser sensor with a native resolution of 3200 dpi. This allows for smooth movement and precise control even on large screens.

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The DPI can be adjusted on the fly in three levels right on top of the mouse, 1000, 1600, and 3200 dpi. The battery life is an important factor in a wireless mouse and it is said to last for up to two years thanks to clever power conserving techniques.

The AIRE M60 also features GIGABYTE’s Free-Scrolling Technology that turns your entire mouse into a scroll wheel while pressed. This can make the art of scrolling a lot easier than turning the wheel for hours or hitting that tiny scrollbar to the right of the window.


The mouse looks pretty ergonomically formed and shaped and should be a joy to use over a stock mouse or trackpad for any user.


GIGABYTE did not reveal an MSRP or launch date yet, but it looks like it could be a mouse to look forward to for many casual and office users.



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