Gigabyte P35W v5 Gaming Laptop Review

CPU & Memory Performance

Cinebench R15

The system’s i7-6700HQ processor is extremely capable and within touching distance of a desktop i5-6660K using a higher frequency. On another note, the CPU exhibits a marked performance improvement compared to the previous generation i7 4720HQ. Clearly, it’s nothing ground-breaking but the difference is enough to show up during synthetic testing.

Super Pi

In terms of single threaded compute performance, the laptop fared much better than the GE62 6QD even though the same processor was used. This is a little puzzling and I can’t think of a reason why the gap is so pronounced. Whatever the case, the laptop’s compute time is excellent for a mobile CPU and worthy of recognition.

AIDA64 Engineer

One major benefit of Intel’s latest architecture is the use of fast DDR4 memory. This allows for lower voltages and enhanced speeds resulting in high memory bandwidth. When compared to premium desktops, the 2133MHz speed is quite limiting. However, this doesn’t have an impact in demanding games or mainstream applications.

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John Williamson

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