Gigabyte P57X v6 GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop Review

CPU & Memory Performance

Cinebench R15

The laptop’s i7-6700HQ processor has a maximum turbo frequency of 3.5GHz and 4-core/8-thread configuration. This allows the CPU to excel in both single-threaded and multi-threaded benchmarks. On this occasion, the CPU helped the system to just edge its nearest rival by the smallest of margins.


Interestingly, there’s very little to choose between laptops sporting the i7-6700HQ running the WPrime calculation test. Also, the laptop finished the benchmark in a slightly faster time than the desktop-grade i5-6600K which is a pretty impressive feat.

AIDA64 Engineer

In terms of memory bandwidth, the laptop performs as expected given the dual-channel 2133MHz configuration. Even though it’s towards the bottom results, you need to take into account that many of the systems being reviewed are hefty desktops. Perhaps the most relevant piece of information to focus on is the memory bandwidth being higher than MSI’s GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro.

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John Williamson

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