Gigabyte Release Beta BIOS For H87 and B85 Overclocking

/ 4 years ago


ECS, Biostar and ASRock have all released their H81/H87/B85 overclocking BIOS’ for K series CPUs. Yet it was only a matter of time before one of the other big boys in the motherboard market (Gigabyte/ASUS) came out with their own. Gigabyte have duly delivered and have announced a beta BIOS update for their B85 and H87 motherboards that will allow you to overclock Haswell LGA 1150 CPUs providing they are K Series and have an unlocked multiplier.

With so many motherboard vendors finding a way around this limitation so quickly we wonder whether Intel has authorised such a move to enhance their competitiveness with AMD in the low-end price segment of the market. The BIOS from Gigabyte is only in its beta form but if you are using a Core i5 4670K or Core i7 4770K with a Gigabyte B85/H87 motherboard, such as the B85-HD3 pictured above, then you can now tackle some overclocking by playing around with the base-clock multipliers.

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BIOS updates will be available for download on the respective product pages of your Gigabyte H87/B85 motherboards at the Gigabyte website in the downloads tab.

Image courtesy of Gigabyte

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  • d6bmg

    That’s nice. People with tight budget and new overclockers would relish this.

    • Wayne

      Why? You can pick up a basic Z87 for the same price and if you’re on a strict budget, you probably won’t be considering a K series chip.

      • d6bmg

        Just as an option. You know, many people doesn’t think in the right way. 😉

        • Wayne

          This is just another way to sell the different chipsets we didn’t need in the first place.

          • d6bmg

            yeah, that’s ture.

  • stigyoo

    Can anyone actually test this already cause as far as realworld no one did a single review its just theoretical so please someone stop posting this as news cause its old already and bring some reviews thanks.I actually wanna buy b85 and 4670k cause why not b85 vs z87 40$ less so :nutkick: intel.

    • We aren’t going to stop posting news about it, as its not old in any way shape or form. That said we can try and review it, I will speak to our motherboard person.

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