Gigabyte Reveal 4GB WindForce OC GTX 760

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Nvidia’s GTX 760 is replacing the GTX 660Ti at that 1080p sweet-spot graphics card price point. It will probably be Nvidia’s most popular graphics card of the GTX 700 series based on its affordability. That said if you are looking for one of the best GTX 760 graphics cards on the market then Gigabyte have just released it. Their GV-N760OC-4GD is a 4GB version of the GTX 760, meaning it has doubled up with memory from the stock version which offers 2GB of GDDR5. Next we have factory overclocked core and GPU boost speeds of 1085MHz and 1150MHz respectively – that is up from Nvidia reference speeds of 980MHz and 1033MHz respectively so Gigabyte have opted for about a 10% overclock. The memory runs at the default 6 Gbps/GHz.

The PCB Gigabyte have opted for is identical to that of the PCB used on the GTX 770 WindForce meaning it is actually capable of supporting a much more demanding GPU. This totally custom PCB using an 8 phase VRM which is fed by a 6pin and an 8 pin PCIe connector. The WindForce 3X cooler used is Gigabyte’s trademark VGA cooler capable of up to 450W of dissipation with two 8mm and two 6mm heat pipes fed into two large aluminium fin arrays and ventilated by three 80mm fans. Expect a USD price point of about $300 for this – that’s $50 up from the reference GTX 760 price. If you are more interested in the AMD competition then you should note that $270-$300 gets you a custom cooled and overclocked HD 7950 these days.

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  1. Wayne says:

    A dreadful looking, but one of the most effective GPU coolers around. I use one on my Gigabyte GTX 770.

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