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Gigabyte RX 6800 XT Gaming OC 16G Review

A Closer Look

Looking at my Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti Gaming OC review, both cards actually use a very similar cooler design. It’s the new stock cooler for Gigabyte, and it does look so much better!

That being said, I love this cooler design. Gigabyte was using the same one for years, and it was looking a little outdated. Their new one is ultra-clean and much more modern looking. I actually think it’s one of my favourites, as it’s not too over the top, doesn’t have too much RGB, and I also already know it offers good performance (from other cards with the same design).

The 6800XT OC uses a dual 8-pin design, which is more than enough power for AMDs modern and efficient chipset.

Plus, there’s a very thick 2.5 slot heatsink in there, which should make easy work of cooling this card.

There’s quick and easy access to the dual BIOS feature. It’s pre-configured to offer an OC and a silent mode. We’ll leave it on the OC mode, as that will give us the best performance.

The full metal backplate looks superb and will do a great job of keeping the PCB protected, while also preventing this long and heavy GPU from sagging.

Of course, the metal work here also provides a lot of extra cooling to the PCB and chipset too, and it’ll radiate a lot of heat away from the GPU.

Connectivity is good, with dual HDMI and dual DisplayPort. So often, you only get a single HDMI, so I’m glad to see that’s not the case here. All of these ports meet the latest standards too, so no issues there.

The RGB is limited to the logo and a small bar below it. That’s all I want, though, it’s tasteful and easy to configure. If you leave it to its own devices though, it’ll slowly cycle through colours as you can see in the next few images.

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