Gigabyte Shows Off “G-Power” Accesory For The GTX Titan

/ 5 years ago


Nvidia put some pretty strict restrictions on graphics card vendors’ ability to make custom PCB designs for the GTX Titan. In fact there has been very little, if any, room for them to maneuver in the VRM department. Gigabyte’s solution for this problem isn’t pretty, but if you really need to beef up your VRM for extreme overclocking then this solution could be perfect for you.


Gigabyte have created the G Power add in board to bolster the GTX Titan’s VRM controls. This is only an extreme-overclockers play toy because it does violate the terms of your warranty and it is a very risky “operation”. This supplementary voltage regulation module is similar in principle to EVGA’s EPower and ASUS’ Matrix PWM.


The device has a small PCB with high capacity power leads on one end that need to be soldered on to the reference GTX Titan PCB. The other end features 24 pin ATX and 8 pin EPS connectors to give the G-Power module its power to deliver to the GTX Titan. The G-Power uses a 6 + 1 phase VRM design with 60 Amp ferrite core chokes, International Rectifier PowerIRstage IR3550 driver-MOSFETs and an International Rectifier IR3563A controller.

The main function of the G-Power module is to stabilise power delivery and prevent voltage droop from extreme overclocking. Gigabyte didn’t announce pricing, availability or how they intend to sell these.


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  1. Just a correction; in the penultimate line, drop not droop.

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