Gigabyte unveils two of their Windows 8 tablets

/ 5 years ago

At CES 2013, Gigabyte recently revealed two of their Windows 8 tablets – the S1185 and the S1082.

This new tablet comes with an 11.6″ IPS display sporting a HD resolution and a 3rd generation Intel core series processor. There is a backlit keyboard attached via a magnet and a mouse  feature called “optical finger navigation” in PC mode. There are dual cameras, both a front and a rear camera and there will be VGA and HDMI outputs.

As said by Ubergizmo, the S1185 is made for an average Joe. The S1082 is designed for business users. The difference is that this model will come with a 500GB HDD and with a cellular connectivity along with Wi-Fi. Also, an SSD can be installed on the S1082.



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  1. Wayne says:

    This is the answer imho. Why would anybody opt for some overpriced iCrap stuff?

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