Gigabyte updates the GTX 560Ti SOC to revision 2.0

/ 7 years ago

The GTX 560Ti SOC is a very powerful card and has great overclocking potential but Gigabyte have still managed to improve on this. The second revision just released comes with larger fans equipped which give the same cooling performance at a lower RPM with better cooling performance at higher RPM’s. The cooling solution apart from the larger fans is identical, a dense aluminium heat sink arrangement with copper heat pipes making contact with the graphics processor.

The specifications of the GTX 560Ti SOC are still the same:
950MHz Core
1900MHz CUDA
4008MHz Memory
128GB/s 256Bit
384 CUDA Cores

Expect it to overclock quite easily to the massive 1GHz mark and to run stable with the much improved cooling. Since this a direct replacement of the GTX 560Ti SOC rev 1.0 expect it to come in at the same retail price of £200.

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