Gigabyte Z77-D3H (Z77) Motherboard Review

/ 6 years ago

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As of late, we’ve had an extremely busy time with events such as i45 and other press events that we’ve had to attend and becuase of this, we’ve tried to get content out as quick as possible but certain reviews have been backed up and today sees us starting to work through them all.

This is mainly the case with Z77 and the huge array of motherboards that we’ve been storing for quite some time, and for a very good reason. The first was the NDA that Intel had us under for Z77, but the second major reason was Ivy Bridge. We could have tested our selection of boards with Sandy Bridge, and for some boards we did, but we were more interested in seeing how these boards performed using the new CPUs such as our i7 3770k.

Other boards that we’ve looked at ending up having a preview article which detailed the board, and then a further review, devoted to the performance side of things. With this particular Z77-D3H motherboard from Gigabyte however, we will work in our usual fashion and talk through every piece of the board including features and performance.

Also with a new chart layout, you should find it a lot easier to compare performance across different motherboards that we review.

As always, we will get straight into looking at the packaging and bundle that come included. After, we will take a detailed view of the board and what features are included before we get it testing through our benchmark suite.

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3 Responses to “Gigabyte Z77-D3H (Z77) Motherboard Review”
  1. dödel says:

    Is CPU-Z soooo buggy?
    On page six CPU-Z shows “Core Voltage 1.068 V” while below You wrote 1.38 Volts. 😉

    • aruffell says:

      When we reviewed and tested CPU-Z was not fully supported then by the CPU and we had an evaluation sample as well.

  2. boyswonder says:

    where i can find this cd driver pack to download??? thnks… very needed 🙁

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