Gigabyte Z77M-D3H Motherboard Sandy Bridge Review

/ 5 years ago

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We all know of Gigabyte and that they are one of the leading brands on the market, Following their tagline of ‘Leaders in Innovation’, we have seen a lot from them over the recent months and if we look back to last month at CeBIT, they were very keen to show off to us what they had in store.

Coming forward to only recently, we published a preview into the Z77M-D3H and what is on offer with the new Z77 chipset on this board. Rather than being a full blown review and retracing steps that we’ve already made, this is a concise bite sized version, purely with the facts and figures – the bits that everyone has been keen to get their hands on for a while.

Before we do get onto the nitty gritty, we will make you aware that we don’t have any overclocking results, as for one reason or another, this board won’t allow us to overclock due to a lack of voltage control bar the DRAM voltage.

That said this is a consumer entry level board, and those of you out there who are looking to overclock, will most likely be looking at one of the enthusiast boards that appears higher up in Gigabyte’s Z77 lineup.

So cutting out the unboxing and walk around the board, which can be found here, lets down to business with the boards UEFI BIOS and then the bit you’ve been waiting for, the numbers.

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2 Responses to “Gigabyte Z77M-D3H Motherboard Sandy Bridge Review”
  1. sebastian says:

    good review, Im buying the similar Z77 D3H, I hope its more OC friendly and let me change the cpu vcore.

    there is an error in the power consumption page, it says 16ow instead of 160w

  2. Jemmon says:

    A really annoying review. Why? OCing is not examined because it is assumed by the author that because the overclocking is limited a buyer should not be interested in it. What is the point?… IF THAT WERE THE CASE THEY WOULD BUY THE H77M-D3H! Jeez. Thanks for naught.

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