Gigabyte’s Overclocking X99-SOC Force Motherboard Is Revealed

/ 3 years ago

gigabyte_x99_SOC_forceGigabyte’s overclocking motherboard series has been around for quite some time now, I still remember when they first launched the series with the X58 OC motherboard. The same styling lives on with Gigabyte’s newest overclocking motherboard the X99 SOC Force that has just been revealed. This motherboard brings with it the typical orange and black styling we associate with Gigabyte’s OC series, given the emphasis on overclocking potential it isn’t surprising Gigabyte have directed a lot of effort towards the VRM implementation and all the overclocking buttons.

The VRM utilises 8+2+2 phases for the CPU and memory, we don’t have specifics on the components that are used but we expect they are the highest-end ones Gigabyte have. Moving over to the overclocking area of the board and we find onboard buttons for controlling the CPU clocks and voltage as well as voltage read out points, debug LEDs, clear CMOS buttons and all that jazz. Gigabyte have also opted for dual BIOS chips to ensure you always have something to fall back on. Other features of the board include Gigabyte’s AMP-UP audio solution which uses improved capacitors and PCB isolation as well as Intel Gigabit networking.

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Pricing and availability are still to be announced, expect more details as we near closer to Intel’s X99 launch which is rumoured to be near the end of this month.

Source: Expreview, Via: TechPowerUp

Image courtesy of Expreview

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3 Responses to “Gigabyte’s Overclocking X99-SOC Force Motherboard Is Revealed”
  1. Wayne says:

    For an OCing board they seem include luxury items such as the fancy audio which is unnecessary for such a board but yet the VRM’s sinks look to be very small and stingy with no alternative cooling apart from air but I guess they should know what they’re doing, after all they do have a professional overclocker on their payroll the last I heard.
    I’m pleased to see they haven’t dumped the black & orange theme for their OC range of boards and haven’t used that new awful ‘eye’ logo as well. By the looks of things it is also an E-ATX board which is good.

    • Calvin Summerlin says:

      I’m not surprised at the size of the VRM heatsink, Z87 and Z97 taught the mobo manufacturers a lot about not needing tons of phases for CPUs that have an integrated voltage regulator. I’m sure the higher ups pressured them into adding the audio features to make it more marketable since the OC community is pretty small.

      • Wayne says:

        It’s not the amount of phases that I’m referring to but the fact the sinks could be a bit beefier with barbs for water cooling because the VRM’s take a pounding when the clocks are lit up. This board looks more like a mixture of OCing and an enthusiasts board and it’s more often than not the company’s marketing goons that wind up determining what the final product is and not the technical boys so your take on the audio is probably right on the money.

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