Global Foundries will build 565,000 Square foot expansion for R&D fab

/ 5 years ago

Global Foundries has announced they will be expanding their Fab 8 manufacturing campus situated in Malta, NY. The company are expected to spend $2 Billion for the R&D facility which will span 565,000 square feet, over 3 stories and includes a 90,000 square foot clean room.

The new Technology Development Center is said to generate 500 jobs once the project starts this spring. When the Fab unit goes online in late 2014, the company expects about 3,000 employees dedicated for development of new technologies and volume production.

GlobalFoundries is currently trying to attract business from ARM chips and they are hoping that an on-site R&D fab development facility will help them do that, considering other chip manufacturing companies like Intel and Samsung also do this.

Via: Toms’ Hardware 

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