Global PC sales fell in Q4 2012 by 6.4%

/ 5 years ago

IDC recently published a quarterly report which shows that PC sales have dipped 6.4% in Q4 of 2012 when compared to Q4 of 2011. Also the previous quarter showed a 4.5% sales decline and a 7% drop in all quarters combined for the year 2012.

But manufacturers were still able to ship 352.4 Million PCs, out of which HP was the largest PC vendor in Q4 of 2012 with 16.7% market share followed by Lenovo with 15.7% and Dell with 10.6%.

Looking at sales in the U.S. alone, HP has 27% of the market share, followed by Dell with 19.6% and 11.4% for Apple. Although IDC counts Apple’s desktop systems and notebooks as PCs, it doesn’t include servers or any handhelds.

IDC’s analysts say that it could be because of strong demand for tablets and smartphones. It has been reported earlier that netbooks are officially dead as the remaining companies have basically stopped manufacturing them.

Source: Techspot 

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