Gmail Spams Other People’s E-Mail Accounts Now?

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After the incident about the Google services going down today, TechChrunch and Gizmodo also found some interesting things about Google’s Gmail services. If you are to search for Gmail on Google, you will get a link like the one below, which will open up a new e-mail pre-filled with somebody’s e-mail address.


The picture shows how the browser will redirect you to a new mail composer with the person’s e-mail address pre-filled in the “To” entry field. TechCruch also did some digging into the e-mail address and found out that it belongs to David S Peck, one of the internet’s most popular inbox owner. He confirmed to TechCrunch that he is indeed receiving thousands of emails, most of them blank as it does not fill the content of the generated e-mail as well. “The issue actually started yesterday,” he says, “and he contacted Hotmail support this morning to try to get help.” Ironically, he asked them to contact him at his alternate email address, which is Gmail.

We then tried to replicate the same thing ourselves, but we got a new e-mail address this time. The “To” field got filled with “[email protected]”. We did some digging into this ourselves, and we came across a Jeffrey Morse, a Naval Science Instructor from the Township High School District 214 located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Whether or not this is the owner of the address, it is our best bet since there is no point disturbing the poor man, especially if he is already flooded by other e-mails.


There has been a Google service outage, Gmail glitches that spam people’s e-mail addresses, what are we to expect next? Google’s search engine? There was an isolated case last year, in which Google’s search engine indeed went down. Are we to expect a same scenario this year as well? A lot of questions with no answer it seems.

Thank you Gizmodo for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of Gizmodo

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2 Responses to “Gmail Spams Other People’s E-Mail Accounts Now?”
  1. I know Wut you did Last Winter says:

    I think you should edit this out, “There was an isolated case next year”

  2. Skidmarks says:

    Google goes down for a couple of minutes and the whole world is thrown into turmoil…

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