Gmail’s New Compose Feature Will Be The Standard Soon

/ 5 years ago

Gmail Compose

Last year, back in October, Google announced a new way to compose e-mails on Gmail. It was very much like a Facebook chat, where-as it appears at the bottom of the page as tabs. When it launched, you could preview it or choose to not even bother with it. At the time many people didn’t like it but it was easy to opt-out of as well. Unfortunately, that ease won’t be sticking around, as Google announced it will now become the norm.

Google views it as a faster way to not only compose your emails, but to also keep an eye on your inbox as well.

“You are busy people, so it’s no surprise that an overwhelming number of you opted to try out Gmail’s faster, simpler compose experience after it launched last October,” the company said, adding that it has been working hard to implement features and changes suggested by users. “As a result of your input, we’re now ready to introduce the new compose experience as the default for everyone. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!”

So just to go through the complete change, when you click on compose, a tab at the bottom with appear over gmail. You can then compose multiple e-mails at once while also being able to watch your inbox. Then let’s say you receive an important message, you can minimize your current drafts to the lower right side and come back to them later.

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Even if you haven’t gone through the change yet, it’s slowly rolling out to everyone in the next few days. If you already have it, let us know what you think!

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One Response to “Gmail’s New Compose Feature Will Be The Standard Soon”
  1. Wayne says:

    Never even noticed it but thats because I don’t use the Gmail website. I access Gmail via my regular Microsoft Outlook client.

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