GMOD Hits Kickstarter, Aims To Bring Game Modding Into The Mainstream

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Olympus Games announced today the launch of their new Kickstarter campaign, which will help them fund the development of its upcoming mod management platform, GMOD. GMO is set to be built on powerful new technology, which can streamline the modding experience for hardcore and casual PC gamers, delivering an intuitive platform where mods “just work”. Leveraging this simple and flexible interface, the GMOD team aims to open up the world of modding to mainstream gamers everywhere.

Of course there are already platforms like this, but there none of them are truely unified, Skyrim is a key example and that uses the popular Steamworks system to create mods, as do games like TF2 and Torchlight 2. Then there are sites such as Nexus, which offers mods for everything from The Witcher to Dragons Age via its site and its Nexus Mod Manager software. Yet from my experience that’s about the limits of the “friendlier” side of installing mods and managing them.

“Modding has always been a very important part of PC gaming, but there’s a reason why it has failed to reach mainstream gamers – it’s rarely a simple process,” said Skylar Kreisher, CEO of Olympus Games. “Our goal is to make mods so easy to find, play and share, that anyone can become part of the modding community. It’s time for a new generation to re-discover their favorite games with innovative modded content.”

The GMOD client is a mod management platform that’s designed to enable gamers to use mods faster, safer and easier than ever before. Users can quickly install new mods with its drag-and-drop interface, enable and disable mods with just one click, and most importantly, never deal with unzipping, directory-diving, copy-paste-overwrite or mod-based reinstalls ever again.

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GMOD is pushing the modding scene forward by building a holistic solution where players can use mods from any source or community, discover and share new mods with friends and promote the hardworking mod developers that make it all possible. It’s a robust platform that, with fan support, will continue to thrive and improve, eventually incorporate everyone’s favorite games and mods.

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It’s an interesting concept, but well have to wait a couple of week until the Kickstarter campaign runs its course to see if there is a future for GMOD.

Supporters can learn more about GMOD or help fund the project at the official Kickstarter

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